Website Redesign

Your clients are mobile and your site needs to be too.

Responsive-Web-Design-ServiceIt isn’t enough to simply have your site look good on a desktop computer. To truly have the impact you want, your site must be responsive to every new trend, including being smartphone ready and interactive. It needs to be an integral part of your marketing campaign and reflect your company’s core values.

A Site That Reflects Your Business

Luckily with our expertise with the WordPress platform and familiarity with what it takes to make a site smartphone and tablet friendly, Thoreson Design Solutions Inc. will get you there quickly and easily. The right website redesign will not only help your site by boosting traffic and ranking, it can lead to more sales. That’s because, with a responsive website redesign from Thoreson Design Solutions Inc. your potential customers can find you no matter what they are doing or where they are.

Do You Have a Responsive Site?

You have probably heard the term but may not be sure exactly what it means. A responsive site is one that responds to the user no matter what kind of device they have, making the layout work for them. No matter what the screen resolution, whether it is horizontal or vertical, or what size the screen happens to be, your site will fit the user’s device and look good. Today, with responsive design we can ensure that your site always delivers the best possible experience to your clients, no matter how they view it.